The BMW and Meta In-car VR is made possible by utilizing the motion sensors already present in cars.

PUBLISHED MAY 28 2023 – 07:11 AM EDT

The BMW and Meta In-car VR is made possible by utilizing the motion sensors already present in cars.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, and BMW have joined forces to tackle the challenge of incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) seamlessly into the driving experience. This groundbreaking collaboration, initially announced in 2021, has recently achieved a significant breakthrough that holds great promise.


By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, Meta and BMW have successfully merged the real-time data from BMW’s inertial motion sensors (IMU) with Meta’s advanced tracking system found in the Project Aria research glasses. This fusion of technologies allowed them to take a major leap forward, as they subsequently demonstrated the application of VR and mixed reality within moving vehicles using the Meta Quest Pro.


The engineers at Meta are thrilled about the possibilities this opens up. They highlight the potential of utilizing the car’s precise 6DOF positioning system to generate world-locked virtual content beyond the confines of the vehicle itself. This means that users can interact with virtual objects, identify landmarks, and discover points of interest while traversing the real world at high speeds.


In a captivating Instagram Reel, Mark Zuckerberg, the visionary leader behind Meta, addresses a common question he receives: Can one use the Meta Quest while in a car? His response, filled with optimism, suggests that the boundaries of technological innovation continue to expand. Yet, it’s important to recognize that captivating users with VR and AR experiences while stationary or moving at a slow pace has already posed a considerable challenge. Furthermore, leaked information from Meta’s internal roadmap hints at a future release of a successor to the sensor-rich Quest Pro headset, but it appears to be some time away. In the meantime, Meta has taken the bold step of reducing prices for its existing inventory of headsets, making them more accessible to the public.


The collaboration between Meta and BMW represents an exciting milestone in the world of AR and VR. With their breakthrough achievement of integrating IMU data from a BMW with Meta’s tracking system, they have unlocked the potential for immersive and interactive experiences within moving vehicles. As the future unfolds, we can only imagine the remarkable possibilities that lie ahead for this dynamic partnership and the broader world of augmented and virtual reality.


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