SpaceX launches Badr-8 to bolster Arabsat’s satellite fleet

PUBLISHED MAY 29 2023 – 11:01 PM EDT

SpaceX launches Badr-8 to bolster Arabsat’s satellite fleet

In a remarkable display of technological prowess and innovation, SpaceX successfully launched the Badr-8 TV broadcast and telecoms satellite on May 27. The esteemed Saudi Arabia-based fleet operator, Arabsat, entrusted this momentous mission to SpaceX, a decision that would soon prove to be both visionary and transformative.


Under the night sky of Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, the Falcon 9 rocket roared to life at precisely 12:30 a.m. Eastern. Carrying the 4,500-kilogram Badr-8 satellite, it embarked on a daring journey to its designated geosynchronous transfer orbit. After a tense wait of 37 minutes, the satellite gracefully separated from its launch vehicle, marking the first step towards fulfilling its destiny.


A particular highlight of this mission was the utilization of a jamming-resistant optical communications payload demonstrator, an extraordinary addition to the Badr-8 satellite. This groundbreaking feature, developed by Airbus Defence and Space, showcased the pinnacle of technological advancement. Its remarkable resistance to signal jamming distinguished it from traditional radio frequency technology, thus bolstering the reliability and security of communication systems.


The success of the launch was further magnified by the reusable first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket, which once again demonstrated its exceptional capabilities. As the rocket’s fiery trail disappeared into the vastness of space, the first stage gracefully descended onto a drone ship, marking its 14th triumphant landing. The mission’s initial delay caused by inclement weather seemed but a distant memory in the face of such a resounding achievement.


Several hours later, Airbus Defence and Space announced the resounding success of the Badr-8 launch. Utilizing their Eurostar Neo platform as the foundation, they meticulously crafted a satellite that exuded excellence and sophistication. Weighing an impressive 4,500 kilograms, Badr-8 would soon embark on a months-long journey, utilizing its all-electric propulsion system to reach the coveted 26 degrees east orbital slot.


This remarkable feat would herald the replacement of Arabsat’s aging Badr-6 satellite, whose honorable 15-year service had come to a close. In February, Badr-6 had momentarily succumbed to the wear and tear of time, experiencing a temporary outage due to a thruster malfunction. However, with the arrival of Badr-8, Arabsat would usher in a new era of enhanced capabilities and expanded coverage across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and central Asia.


Unveiling an experimental photonics feeder link named Teleo, the Badr-8 satellite carried the hopes and aspirations of its creators and engineers. Developed in collaboration with France’s esteemed space agency, Teleo stood as a testament to human ingenuity. With the ability to provide space-to-ground optical communications at breathtaking gigabit speeds, Teleo pushed the boundaries of possibility and unleashed a new wave of excitement within the industry.


Arabsat, a formidable player in the field, boasted a remarkable fleet of 10 satellites positioned strategically across four orbital locations. Their visionary approach to satellite technology led them to select Thales Alenia Space, a prominent European competitor to Airbus, to construct their next satellite, Arabsat 7A. This remarkable creation would replace the aging Arabsat 5A, which had gracefully operated since its launch in 2010, surpassing all expectations and reaching the pinnacle of its anticipated 15-year operational life.


As the satellite industry continues to soar to new heights, fueled by ambitious aspirations and cutting-edge technology, the launch of Badr-8 stands as a shining example of human achievement. From the depths of Earth’s surface to the boundless expanse of space, the collaboration between SpaceX, Arabsat, and Airbus showcased the remarkable feats that can be accomplished when human ingenuity is unleashed. 


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