In just 6 days, the ChatGPT app from OpenAI had over 500K downloads.

PUBLISHED MAY 28 2023 – 07:45 AM EDT

In just 6 days, the ChatGPT app from OpenAI had over 500K downloads.

The expansion of OpenAI’s ChatGPT app to 11 additional global markets has sparked immense interest and proven to be a resounding success. In a remarkable display of popularity, the app has garnered over half a million downloads within its first six days since its launch. These numbers, analyzed by the app intelligence provider, position ChatGPT as one of the most impressive new app releases in recent memory, second only to the Trump-backed Twitter clone, Truth Social, which made waves in February 2022.


As the demand for AI chatbots soared, the App Store became inundated with third-party apps claiming to offer similar features as “ChatGPT” or “AI chatbot.” While some of these apps were little more than deceptive fleeceware, attempting to deceive consumers into expensive subscriptions for accessing their AI services, a collection of top apps still managed to generate substantial revenue. This competitive landscape within the AI chatbot app market might have presented challenges for the official ChatGPT app to gain traction. Surprisingly, this was not the case.


OpenAI’s ChatGPT app outshined most of its rivals, including other prominent AI and chatbot apps, as well as Microsoft’s Bing and Edge apps, which featured early integrations of OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology.


While Bing and Microsoft Edge benefited from the initial interest in ChatGPT upon their launch, accumulating a commendable 340,000 and 335,000 downloads on iOS and Android respectively during their best five-day periods in February, ChatGPT effortlessly surpassed them. During the first five days of its U.S. launch, when it was exclusively available on iOS, ChatGPT garnered a staggering 480,000 installations.


Even when compared solely to the iOS downloads of Bing and Edge, ChatGPT maintained a significant lead with 480,000 installs, surpassing Bing’s 250,000 and Edge’s 195,000.


However, when examining all U.S. downloads in May across both app stores, Bing and Edge still held the advantage over ChatGPT. Nevertheless, when considering only the iOS installs for the month, ChatGPT showcased the potential to overtake these search-oriented alternatives.’s analysis also revealed that the app outperformed other top AI chatbot apps in the U.S., many of which employed generic names to capitalize on consumer searches for terms like “AI” and “chatbot” in the App Store. In this regard, OpenAI’s ChatGPT ranked among the top five by downloads when compared to other apps’ best five-day periods in 2023 on both the App Store and Google Play.


The only app that managed to surpass ChatGPT was “Chat with Ask AI,” which accumulated 590,000 installs from April 4 to 8, 2023, while ChatGPT achieved 480,000 installs from May 18 to 22, as indicated by the data.


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