Even Blockbuster Is Dunking on Netflix's Password Crackdown Debacle

PUBLISHED MAY 28 2023 – 08:35 AM EDT

Even Blockbuster Is Dunking on Netflix’s Password Crackdown Debacle

Netflix’s recent decision to crack down on password sharing has sparked widespread ridicule and now, an unexpected player has chimed in – Blockbuster. In a cleverly crafted social media post, Blockbuster reminisced about the good old days when they rented videos without caring about who shared them, as long as they were returned on time. The post, filled with subtle shade, has gone viral, garnering over 18 million views and 372,000 likes. Even Amazon Prime Video joined the fun, quote retweeting a 2017 Netflix post that proclaimed, “Love is sharing a password,” effectively mocking their competitor.


The crackdown on password sharing by Netflix started earlier this month when subscribers began receiving emails outlining the streaming platform’s new policy.

According to the notification, Netflix accounts are intended for the account holder and their household members only. Any additional users on a single account would incur an extra monthly fee of $7.99. While the email attempted to reassure subscribers that they could still access Netflix while traveling, skepticism has been voiced by many users regarding the practicality of this claim.


Netflix’s endeavor to curb password sharing has already been implemented in several international markets, such as Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Peru. Co-CEO Greg Peters shed light on the motivations behind the new policy, acknowledging that economic factors played a role in their decision. He stated, “We are being responsive to different borrowing behaviors and finding the right price points for individual accounts or additional members.”


During an interview discussing Netflix’s Q1 earnings, Peters acknowledged the anticipated negative response from some users. He likened the situation to a price increase, noting the initial wave of cancellations followed by a subsequent rebound as borrowers sign up for their own Netflix accounts. However, evidence suggests that subscribers are not passively accepting this change. Many have already threatened to sever ties with the platform altogether, potentially compounding the significant loss of users Netflix experienced in 2022.


The debate surrounding Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing has brought a touch of nostalgia with Blockbuster’s witty social media presence. As the streaming landscape evolves, the battle for subscribers and their loyalty continues, leaving us to wonder what creative twists and turns lie ahead in this ever-changing industry.


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